Working Bee 8 February 2020


For the first working Bee for 2020 we joined forces with the Friends of Harmers Haven to continue the eradication of Sea Spurge from the foreshore at Harmers Haven. Sea Spurge is an invasive weed that is colonising the dunes and causing problems, particularly for shore nesting birds such as the Hooded Plover as it changes the nature of the dune incline and reduces the nesting area for the birds along the top of the beach.

Friends of Harmers Haven have received a Coastcare grant to continue sea spurge eradication from Wreck Ck west towards Coal Point. This extends the work CPRRA has undertaken over the last 8 years to remove Sea Spurge from the coast between Cape Paterson and Harmers Haven and we were very happy to support this very worthwhile project.

Contractors were employed last spring to spray the thickest areas of sea spurge infestation on the face of the primary dunes and also where it has encroached into the secondary dune system. The task for the 30 volunteers was to hand pull Spurge that had survived the spraying and to remove any seedlings that had emerged in recent months.

The group worked diligently during the morning and took great care to not disturb the Hooded Plovers nesting in the area. It was most interesting, though a little sad, to see the large Leatherback turtle and Shy albatross that had made Harmers their final resting place

Many thanks to those working behind the scenes who provided scrumptious morning refreshments and lunch at the end of a very successful working bee.