Working Bee 14 September 2019


A beautiful sunny day to be on the sand dunes near Harmers Haven with keen eyes searching for Sea Spurge. About 15 happy volunteers broke off into two groups heading east and west of Wreck Beach to hunt and weed sea spurge.

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To the West they had great luck and found almost nothing.  To the East the sea spurge was sparse but there if you looked.

After morning tea one group got back into cars and headed further west (where known large patches of sea spurge is), the other group went back East (towards Wilsons Rd), where just before lunch they found a decent patch. They tried hard, but a small group will have to go back and eradicate this patch next month.

All in all it was a successful working bee. As the more walking and talking and the less sea spurge we find means the management methods are working.