Working Bee 14-Apr-2012


The working bee held on 14-Apr-2012 was very successful with work being done on both Sea Spurge and Foreshore Restoration projects. Although a smaller than usual group of 16 volunteers showed up, quite a lot was accomplished …

Prior to the workig bee, further spraying of sea spurge had been undertaken by a contractor on the stretch of beach west of  the track from Second Surf beach carpark to right short of Wilsons Road.

The volunteers broke into two group:

  • One group went to work on the Sea Spurge
  • The other group focussed on removing woody weeds from the Foreshore Reserve west of the car park opposite Cassia Street.

Foreshore Restoration

Before starting, the volunteers were given training in “frilling”, the technique to kill woody weeds that have grown too large to be simply pulled out or cut down.  This involves using a hatchet or saw to make small incisions around the base of the of the tree and on any exposed roots and then immediately applying  poison.  When correctedly applied, this results in the plant dying within a month.

And it was just as well we had this technique available.  Whilst we did find large areas weed free, we also found areas that could only be described as a small ‘forest’ of Sweet Pittosporum and/or Mirror Bush.

Sea Spurge

The sea spurge group worked at the west end of project area. We met at Coal Point beach (east side of Coal Point) and worked eastwards completely removing all visible spurge from several significant outbreaks along the beach towards the wooden bridge at the historical marker.