Working Bee 13 July 2019


Gale force winds and rain squalls did not deter the hardy band of eleven determined volunteers who headed to the eastern end of UnderBay coastal reserve on Saturday morning. Their mission was to plant the first batch of indigenous plant species in a valley between the primary dunes and the ancient cliff face.

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Rampant woody weeds and introduced vines, which had taken over the valley, had previously been cut and poisoned by contractors. Stacking of the dead branches by volunteers provided temporary habitat as well as clear spaces to plant the 520 seedlings. These included a mix of 75 Coastal and Silver Banksias which were planted near mature Banksia trees that are dying of old age. Unfortunately these trees are declining in this area as they are not reproducing naturally.

The volunteers are to be commended for their sterling planting effort in rather difficult conditions. Another 500 seedlings will be planted in adjacent areas in the next month or so. This work is funded by the Coastcare Victoria Community Grants Program with support from Bass Coast Council.