First spray of Sea Spurge 7-Mar-2012


As part of the CPRRA “Purge the Sea Spurge’ grant project, spraying has been carried out by professional contractors on the area between Bay and Second Surf Beach.  Click on the image left to see an enlarged version that shows the area covered.

The major infestations was around the path that leads from Second Surf car park – the area worked by hand during the first working bee.  Click on the image right to see an enlarged version.

This is part of a planned three rounds of spraying this marine weed – one now in autumn, a second round in spring (to hit any seeds sprouting) and possibly a third next autumn (to clean-up).  However, our program of controlling Sea Spurge will need to continue for several more years.

REMEMBER: The sap is toxic and can give an unpleasant dermatitis – so only handle it if you are wearing gloves.