Report on 10 May 2019 hailstorm

The severe hailstorm at Cape Paterson on 10 May 2019 presented many challenges to the
community, some of which are still in the process of being resolved, more than eight
months after the event.

In response to the event and its aftermath, the Cape Paterson Residents and Ratepayers
Association (CPRRA) has conducted a community-based review to establish:
• The extent and nature of the hailstorm and the damage to properties
• The response to the storm event
• The immediate and ongoing economic and social impact on the community
• The lessons and actions that can be taken to prepare Cape Paterson for the future

Enabling Cape Paterson and other communities within Bass Coast Shire to prepare and respond to future events is a key outcome from the project. A report on the review is attached here for your information.