Report: Cape Paterson Emergency Workshops January 9 and 23

Thirty-eight residents and emergency experts participated in an Emergency RediPlan workshop on 9 January in a cautious, COVID-19-safe step toward in person gatherings in the town.

As Kathy Hill, the Coordinator of the program stated:

“70% of the 325 respondents to a survey held in the wake of the May 2019 hailstorm that smashed though the town asked for an integrated emergency plan. The funding provided by the 2020 Bass Coast Community Grant as well as the enthusiastic support of the emergency services enabled the CPRRA to organise these events as a response to that need”.

The Red Cross, SES, CFA, Ambulance Victoria, and Bass Coast Shire Council’s emergency coordinator outlined their roles and risks specific to the Cape Paterson area. Red Cross introduced and guided the attendees though the Red Cross Rediplan -an integrated emergency planning kit to cover the wide range of personal and broader emergencies that can befall a community like Cape Paterson.  The town is no stranger to fires, heat waves, floods, storms and now a pandemic.

RediPlan has been developed over the last five years as a comprehensive alternative to the various plans that relate to a specific type of emergency. It focusses on neighbour connections, assembly of important information and planning to reduce the stress in responding and recovering from a personal or community emergency.

Places are still available for the January 23 event. Registration and more information are available online: