Pedestrian access to Kywong Campground

You are probably aware that the pedestrian gates into the Kywong campground were locked in March and it has remained closed to pedestrians. This was sanctioned by Bass Coast Council as an appropriate response to the Covid-19 restrictions. Council has also advised that public access to the camping park is at the discretion of park management as their lease provides them with exclusive access. The lease also places public liability on the operator rather than Council. 

Park management are concerned about the public’s safety while heavy equipment is being used in the park, especially while the pine trees are being removed but also when improvements are being undertaken in future. Other concerns relate to security of assets when Kywong is closed to camping over winter and the accumulation of dog faeces when dog owners do not clean up when walking their pets. 

The CPRRA understands that Council is considering installing dog poo bag dispensers at either end of the Kywong access track and fully supports this initiative along with appropriate signage. Dog owners are encouraged to act responsibly when walking their pets by carrying poo bags and cleaning up after them.
Following discussions with CPRRA, Council and park management, we have been advised that the pedestrian gates will be opened on a trial basis after the pine trees have been removed, hopefully in August. Park management have also advised that the gates will be closed from time to time when further works may temporarily compromise public safety.  The situation will be monitored by park management, especially in relation to the accumulation of dog faeces to determine ongoing public access to the park.