North Cape Proposed Development – Community Consultation


A second community consultation was held regarding the proposed development to the north of Seaward Drive was held on 21-Feb-2012. The stated purpose of the meeting, which was attended by about 25 Cape residents, was to “to give the residents of Cape Paterson a final opportunity to discuss their concerns regarding the Wallis Watson development to the north.”

process300 Planning Scheme Amendment Process

However, at the meeting Council Planning officers (Jeff Nottle and Martin Gill) presented the new Council process which they are continuing to pilot – see image right (click on it to see an enlarged version).

This process was originally trialled on a Newhaven West development and yielded very good results.

They further explained :

what the current situation with respect to the proposed developments of North of Cape and

what the current Council process is and where this Community input fits in.

Working toward a Council decision to prepare the amendment
They also noted that in the process of “working towards a Council decision to approve an amendment”, we were at the first step – the middle orange ellipse in the diagram right (click on it to see an enlarged version).

Therefore, the Planning Officers needed the Community to assist Council to clearly set out to the developer:

What the community expects any new development to achieve

How the expectations of the community will support, oppose or reinforce the current Council guidelines/regulations/policy

To see the slides used at the community consultation meeting, see here:

To see the input provided by the CPRRA to Council on this development, see here