Last chance to have your say on the future growth of Cape Paterson

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Following the decision by the Bass Coast Shire Council to reject the C53 Amendment and the EcoVillage proposal, the community is still faced with significant expansion of the township to the north through Amendment C93.

This expansion of the town boundary is not and never was related to the EcoVillage proposal, and there was never a choice between the two proposals.

A State Government Independent Panel Hearing was conducted in 2009-2010 to advise Council on C93 (including town boundaries and their potential for expansion). In its report, the Panel recommended that development in Cape Paterson should be allowed to proceed to the north of Seaward Drive and that:

  1. A total 100 hectare should be included within the town boundary – see the blue area in Fig 1.
  2. The plain blue section will be designated “short term” and the blue striped sections will be designated “long term”.
  • Both of these allotments would yield about 1400 house lots.
  • If both these allotments are approved it will mean a 150% expansion on the existing housing stock.

Many community members are unhappy about the size of the proposed expansion and fear that the whole amenity and “village feel” of Cape Paterson will be destroyed.

At the December 15th 2010 meeting, the Bass Coast Shire Council will decide whether to:

  • accept the recommendations of the Panel in regard to Cape Paterson boundaries; or,
  • amend it by reducing the size of the proposed expansion

What has your association done?

Because of State Planning guidelines, some expansion of Cape Paterson seems inevitable.  Therefore, the Cape Paterson Residents & Ratepayers Association wrote to the Council in May 2010 requesting that the area within the northern town boundary be reduced.  After further consideration we again wrote to Councilors last week to state our strategic justifications for a further reduction (download this letter by clicking here).

Our recommendation is (see Fig 2):

  1. That the area of short/long term growth be limited to 45ha bordered by Cape Paterson Road and Seaward Drive which would provide for an upper limit of about 675 lots – based on 15 lots/ha.
  2. Given the imperative to avoid both the loss and fragmentation of farmland, we recommend that existing boundary lines be followed and the remaining area be excised from the proposal.
  3. The area selected for development should be divided between “Short-term” (23h – 345 lots) and “Long-term” growth (22h – 330 lots)

Before 15-Dec-10, write a letter stating your view or use the pro-forma letter (download it by clicking here) and send it either by:

  • e-mail to the following address which will automatically send it to all Councillors = This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • Please put the words ‘C93’ and ‘Cape Paterson’ in the subject line; and,
    • Rather than an attachment, you can just put the letter text into your e-mail , add your name and address at the bottom, and e-mail it – i.e. you don’t have to actually sign it – your e-mail address is your signature in this case; or,
  • send a hard copy to each Councillor (see names and address below)

NOTE: You must include your name & address on any letter sent