Development to the North – proposal returning to Council


History:  The original motion to seek authorisation from the Planning Minister to prepare a Planning Scheme Amendment for the development to the North of Cape Paterson (to include 900 houses) was considered at the August 2016 meeting of the Bass Coast Council and deferred until March 2017 when it was again deferred, this time at the request of the developer after community outrage at the size of the proposal.

The proposal has now been amended by the applicants (to include 480 house lots) and will return to Council for a decision on Wednesday 21 March at 5PM.

The full Council Agenda can be found here or you can read an excerpt (H4 Cape Paterson North) and view a map of the proposal here.

CPRRA Position:  Our hastily prepared response to the current proposal, emailed to Councillors and the CEO on Mon 19th March 2018 can be found here. It includes background to the proposal along with strategic reasons why it should not be approved.

In brief: The original proposal which went to Council in August 2016 and in March 2017 was to rezone ALL of the land to residential which would mean 900 extra houses along with the 220 dwellings already approved to the west in THE CAPE (ecovillage), most of which are yet to be sold.  

The new proposal (March 2018) has been reduced to 480 lots however the CPRRA position remains that there is already sufficient land available in Cape Paterson and that an application to develop further land, at this time, should be rejected by Council.  As the land has been within the town boundary since 2011 we understand that it will be developed eventually but believe it should be over a long period of time (50 years?) and in proportion to designated high growth areas like Wonthaggi.

What you can do now:  Attend the Council meeting on Wednesday 21 March 5pm to signal to the Councillors that you are opposed to this proposal and want Councillors to represent your interests and not begin the Planning Scheme Amendment Process.

Also please email Councillors and the CEO directly to express your concerns

Councillors (copy and paste addresses into your email):