A letter from Bass Coast Shire and how CPRRA interpret it


Official Email

“As you may be aware, exhibition of planning scheme amendment C136 occurred from 16 January 2020 until 27 February 2020. During the exhibition period, Council received 417 submissions.

The proponent, Beveridge Williams, has requested consideration of the submissions be deferred until early 2021. The reason for the deferral is to allow for the public release of the ‘Draft Statement of Planning Policy’, which is being prepared as part of the State Government’s Distinctive Areas and Landscape Project (DAL). Information about the DAL is available here.

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning have approved the deferral request.

The deferral will ensure that the findings of the DAL project are considered in conjunction with planning scheme amendment C136.

The pre-set Panel dates for the directions hearing scheduled for the week commencing 17 August 2020 and the panel hearing scheduled for the week commencing 28 September 2020 have been vacated.”

For more information on the proposal, contact Council’s Strategic Planning Team on 1300 BCOAST (226 278) or (03) 5671 2211 or email strategic.planningadmin@basscoast.vic.gov.au.”

Stacey Skilton
Strategic Planning & Development Services Administration Officer
Strategy & Growth

What this means

For those of you who wrote submissions in to Council about the northern development may have received the communication above.

For the CPRRA this is a victory of sorts as we’d already raised our concerns about proceeding with C136 while the Distinctive Areas and Landscape process (DAL) was still not finalised. The planners have responded to the developer’s request, not ours.
What this means:

1. Council will develop a response to the DAL with a draft statement of planning policy. This will then be incorporated into the Bass Coast Planning Scheme. At present there is no timeline for final incorporation. It is this stage where CPRRA was hoping to see a reduction in the Cape Paterson town boundaries to ensure that Cape Paterson remains a coastal village and not a town.

2. The panel hearings for final determination of C136 (Northern Development) won’t be heard now until at least early to mid 2021. This may give us a chance to further raise funds for legal representation at this panel hearing.

3. We will be voting for a new council in October 2020. We will be seeking views of candidates as to how they will vote on the C136 northern development when it comes before council, and also their attitudes towards coastal development and other environmental concerns such as the climate crisis.