Report: Cape Paterson Emergency Workshops January 9 and 23

Thirty-eight residents and emergency experts participated in an Emergency RediPlan workshop on 9 January in a cautious, COVID-19-safe step toward in person gatherings in the town. As Kathy Hill, the Coordinator of the program stated: “70% of the 325 respondents to a survey held in the wake of the May 2019 hailstorm that smashed though the town asked for an integrated emergency plan. The funding provided by the 2020 Bass Coast Community Grant as well as the enthusiastic support of the emergency services enabled the CPRRA to organise these events as a response to that need”. The Red Cross, SES, CFA, Ambulance Victoria, and Bass Coast Shire Council’s emergency coordinator outlined their roles and risks specific to the Cape Paterson …

Annual General Meeting

We will be holding our Annual General Meeting at the Cape Paterson Community Hall (next to the tennis courts) on Saturday January the 23rd at 2pm. Due to current COVID guidelines we are limited in the number of attendees we can have present in the hall at any one time.As a result of this, physical attendance will be on a first come, first serve basis using the link below. We realise there may be some people who may miss out as a result of this, so we will be issuing members later in January an invitation to participate (and vote) via Zoom. There will also be any opportunity to vote by proxy via an attending member but only if …

Are you ready for an Emergency? – REDIPLAN Emergency Workshops

CPRRA is organising, with Red Cross, Bass Coast Shire and the Emergency Services, two emergency workshops on January 9th and 23 2021. They will both be held at the Community Hall (at the East end of town- just south of the Inverloch Road. next to the tennis courts).We will hold the Annual General Meeting at 2PM on the 23rd January. A formal announcement and agenda papers will be sent by separate email. The Workshops are a response to 70% of respondents to the survey wanting  broad-based emergency plans following the May 2019 Hailstorm. That storm, the eastern Victorian/NSW fires, and the world pandemic point to the current and future need for our community to have plans as soon as we can. The first Emergency …

Support Services and Resources to the Cape Paterson Community

As part of its support to its community and in response to the Hailstorm and COVID-19 emergencies, the CPRRA has established this list of the local aboriginal, alcohol and drugs, aged, domestic or family violence, dental, disability, employment and training, financial, gambling, homelessness, medical, mental health, migrant/refugee, parent/children, suicide and youth services, as well as a summary of the services. Click here for the list.

BCSC Election: Bunurong and other ward candidate responses

We have asked all candidates in the upcoming Bass Coast Shire Council election six simple questions relevant to Cape Paterson which are listed within their responses. NB Michael Nugent is one of our committee members but has exempted himself from all discussions relating to producing these questions. Leticia Laing is a member of our Association, and likewise has not been involved in any discussion relating to these questions. Links to Bunurong Ward candidates below (in order as listed on ballot papers): Michael Nugent Brett Tessari – no response to date Les Larke Leticia Laing Julian Brown Links to Westernport and Island Ward candidates Geoff Ellis – Westernport Bruce Kent – Westernport Rochelle Halstead – Westernport Michael Whelan – Island


As part of its aim of increasing awareness of the resources and services within Cape Paterson, the CPRRA has established a list, without review or recommendation, of the businesses located and operating within the township. To access this list, click here

Helplines for Cape Paterson Community

The CPRRA has established a list of the state-wide and local hotlines or helplines as part of its service to its community. Access the list here In addition to the 000 emergency contact for Police, Fire or Ambulance, in life threatening or crisis situations, the hotlines are provided for urgent contact for assistance from the following services: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, Alcohol and Drugs, Aged Care, Family Relationships, Financial Problems, Gambling Homelessness, Legal Issues, LGBTQI, Men’s issues, Mental Health, Migrant/Refugee, Sexual Assault, Suicide, Women’s issues, and Youth.

Some Stats on CPRRA Members

Over the last 18-24 months our committee members have been going through the process of updating our members database. With this process we have reconnected with some lapse members, connected with new members and have found some wonderful and interesting stats. WE CURRENTLY HAVE 257 MEMBERS Of these 257 members 222 have given us their data for 2020 Live in 160 residences 84 people are permanent ratepayers in Cape Paterson 4 people are permanent non ratepayers (eg renters) in Cape Paterson 130 people are non permanent ratepayers (eg holiday homes) 4 people are classified as others (eg have a caravan, or visit the area and wanted to join). We are always looking or new members, its only $15 per person …

Pedestrian access to Kywong Campground

You are probably aware that the pedestrian gates into the Kywong campground were locked in March and it has remained closed to pedestrians. This was sanctioned by Bass Coast Council as an appropriate response to the Covid-19 restrictions. Council has also advised that public access to the camping park is at the discretion of park management as their lease provides them with exclusive access. The lease also places public liability on the operator rather than Council.  Park management are concerned about the public’s safety while heavy equipment is being used in the park, especially while the pine trees are being removed but also when improvements are being undertaken in future. Other concerns relate to security of assets when Kywong is …

Covid19 Safety Guidelines For Volunteers

Please read the safety guidelines provided by Bass Coast Shire in regards to volunteering under the Covid19 restrictions. The guidelines are also pinned to the top of our Facebook page, and have been sent out to all members.

Climate Change Survey-Bass Coast Shire

The Bass Coast Shire are still after feedback for the “Climate Action Plan for Bass Coast”. CPRRA recommend for you to do this survey, it will hopefully help the Shire in they move forward with Biodiversity, Climate Change, Sustainability, Developments, Infrastructure etc Have your say