2013 Cassia St Lower Reserve Project


CPRRA has won a Coastcare grant for the restoration of the block of native bush on the eastern corner of the intersection of Cassia St and Surf Beach Rd. 

This vacant block has been maintained by local residents over the years but has never been the subject of a govt funded project to restore its high environmental values.  All that will change in 2013 …

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The idea for the grant application followed consultation with residents of Cassia St who had, over many years, put a lot of effort into trying to protect this lovely reserve. 

Investigations by the CPRRA revealed that the land manager of this block was neither the Council (who are responsible for the Foreshore Reserve across the road) nor Parks Vic (responsible for the reserve at the top of Cassia St).  It turned out the land manager was Dept of Environment & Primary Industry (DEPI).

The Site

The site – “Cassia St Lower Reserve” – is located adjacent to the Foreshore Reserve at the corner of Cassia St and Surf Beach Rd, Cape Paterson.

The site is about 0.5 ha of Crown Land with high value remnant flora and fauna, but with a substantial weed infestation, that adjoins the Foreshore Reserve.

Site Features
The site contains a creek that flows into a part of the Foreshore Reserve where the community has undertaken environmental restoration work every year since 2007 under five Coastcare and CfoC grants, totally $145K in grant funding and delivering ~$450K in equivalent investement funding.

The Project

The $13,800 to be received from the grant ($12,600 after GST is paid) is for the first stage of a project that will probably take 2-3 years to complete.  This first years activities, to be undertaken by contractors and community volunteers, will include:

  • Physical removal of smaller weeds once large woody weeds and blackberry have been removed
  • Updating the list of both indigenous and weed species for the site which had previously been compiled by community botanists
  • GPS mapping of the site and existing plant species
  • Development of a Management Plan to guide activities in the subsequent project stages including:
    • Revegetation activities
    • Creek restoration activities
    • Ongoing maintenance
    • Education and signage programs to grow a sense of ownership in the local community and so discourage the dumping of household and garden waste on the site
  • Encouragement of either:
    • Bass Coast Shire Council to work with DSE to include the site in the Foreshore Reserve and so include it in Council’s management responsibilities; or,
    • Establishment of a local Friends Group to increase local ownership of the site.

Project Plan and Progress

The project plan and status is provided below.

Note: If the status in the table below shows completed, click on it to see the webpage from that working bee.  See graphic above for the location of the site numbers referenced in the table below.

When What Status
9-Feb Community Consultation to gather local knowledge of the site’s assets and problems Completed
2-Mar First task is to enable access to the sight.  So, first task is to employ professionals to spray blackberry and remove woody weeds.  Community working bees to assist contractors. Completed
12-Apr Remove woody weeds from western half of the site Completed
11-May Remove woody weeds from eastern half of the site Completed
24-May to 15-Jun Assessment and mapping of the site. Completed
 8-Jun Community working bees to continue weed removal Completed
13-Jul Community working bee Completed
13-Jul  Second Community Consultation Completed
17-Jul Parks Vic undertakes burn-off of the vegetation dumped on-site Completed
 Jul-Oct  Develop a Management Plan for the site Completed
10-Aug Community working bee – commence creating walking paths Completed
14-Sep Community working bee – complete creating walking paths Completed
 16-Sep Professionals to re-spray to control weed regrowth from seeds in the soil Completed
12-Oct Working Bee focussed on the Heatland and Sea Spurge Completed
 Oct-Nov  Prepare and submit report to the provider of the grant In prep