2010-11 Coastcare Community Project


The 2010-11 project combined community volunteer labour with a $22K DSE Coastcare grant to leverage some $60K of equivalent expenditure.

The work is centred on six locations (see gold stars on image at right) in the central portion of the Cape Paterson Foreshore Reserve.

Project partners are CPRRA, WLSC, BCSC and DSE Coastcare (see image below right)

It is funded from the Coastcare Victoria Community Grants Program, a partnership between the Victorian and Australian Governments.

Signage Installed


The project objectives are:

Removal of 19 mature pine trees
Conduct training for volunteers in weed identification involving local experts.
Conduct community education on eradicating noxious weeds from residential gardens. Distribute pamphlets on weed identification and indigenous plants.
Erect educational signage at the site. Encourage the community to become involved and educated about the natural values.
Community weeding days to control weed infestation
Revegetation with indigenous plants sourced from local nursery
A series of 12 working bees have been undertaken, supported by resources from the Council and from tree removal specialists for the cutting down of large pine trees.

You can see more about the completed working bees by clicking on the ‘completed’ dates below:

8-May-2010 – Completed
22-May-2010 – Completed
19-Jun-2010 – Completed
17-Jul-2010 – Completed
14-Aug-2010 – Completed
11-Sep-2010 – Completed
8-Oct-2010 – Completed
9-Apr-2011 – Completed
14-May-2011 – Completed
11-Jun-2011 – Completed
9-Jul–2011 – Completed
13-Aug-2011 – Completed