Are you ready for an Emergency? – REDIPLAN Emergency Workshops

CPRRA is organising, with Red Cross, Bass Coast Shire and the Emergency Services, two emergency workshops on January 9th and 23 2021. They will both be held at the Community Hall (at the East end of town- just south of the Inverloch Road. next to the tennis courts).We will hold the Annual General Meeting at 2PM on the 23rd January. A formal announcement and agenda papers will be sent by separate email.

The Workshops are a response to 70% of respondents to the survey wanting  broad-based emergency plans following the May 2019 Hailstorm. That storm, the eastern Victorian/NSW fires, and the world pandemic point to the current and future need for our community to have plans as soon as we can.

The first Emergency Workshop.starting at 10:00 on January 9. Red Cross and the other emergency will summarise  the town and individual potential risks and Red Cross will present the Rediplan which will prepare you for personal and broader emergencies and speed recovery from events. The second emergency workshop on January 23 will start at 11:00 AM with Red Cross providing an abridged version of the Rediplan process for those who couldn’t make the first meeting  followed by an hour of reviewing  any plans worked on from January 9th and 23rd.  The AGM will follow in the afternoon January 23rd (2PM) after a break. A separate email will be sent regarding this.To make the meetings Covidsafe we are requesting that attendees:to set up physical distancing in the Hall)

  1. register in advance for one or more of the meetings on the links below.(phone Kathy Hill 0457560537 if you need more information)
  2. bring your drinks bottles, smartphones (for QR registration) and pens or pencils
  3. comply with the Covid requirements (masks, hygiene, stay home if ill or a close contact).

Links to the workshops are listed below. Note that for COVID 19 safety reasons, numbers are strictly limited.