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Seven Seasons of the Kulin People

Artist - Karina H McInnes
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Tent Town Project

Tent Town Project - Opening Ceremony

Powlett Coalfield Tent Town site revegetated

The Mayor, Cr Veronica Dowman, officially opened the revegetated site of Wonthaggi's first settlement, Powlett Coalfield on 28-Sep-2011.

Over the past few years representatives of community groups (Friends of Wonthaggi Heathland, Wonthaggi Seedbank, Wonthaggi Urban Landcare and Cape Paterson Coastal Plains Landcare) and agencies (West Gippsland Catchment Management, Parks Victoria, Department of Sustainability and Environment, Bass Coast Shire) have met with the aim of preserving Wonthaggi's public land to create a green belt around the town with walking/cycling tracks to promote a healthy lifestyle. Restoration of vegetation and wetlands and increased biodiversity were the spearheads, and, after a presentation to the Bass Coast Shire Council, there was unanimous Council support. However, funding was non-existent.

With the development of the desalination plant, came the upgrade of the Lower Powlett and West Area roads for heavy continuous traffic, with subsequent clearing of native vegetation. The Bass Coast Shire offered funding for vegetation offsets. Which site to choose?
As it was Wonthaggi's Centenary, what better than to preserve the Tent Town area and to celebrate its history. Negotiations began: The Shire was happy, one of Parks Victoria's Mining Precinct blocks would be recognised and one of the seven projects would be funded.
Initially the site was a paperbark swamp to 8m with eucalypts and ground cover on the healthy knolls, an almost impenetrable thicket. The Bunurong may have visited to forage for Water-ribbon tubers and wildfowl in season. Much of the southern section was an ephemeral wetland with alternating periods of wet and dry.

From 1909-1910 this site housed the miners and officialdom as the first four shafts were sunk and Wonthaggi, a State town, was planned and created. Following this, the site had No 7 shaft, then a sawmill until the early 1960s. When the State Coal Mine ceased in 1968, the block was leased for grazing.

The project to revegetate the site has involved a vegetation audit, water and soil testing, collection of seed by the Wonthaggi Seedbank, employment of Greening Australia to plan and direct seed areas, boom spraying, planting 8,000 tubestock with participation from local groups, doubling the size of the carpark, fencing, track laying, building of an information shelter, historical research for information boards and pamphlet and monitoring the site for flora and fauna recruitment.

Powlett Coalfield Tent Town is situated off West Area Road just beyond the hospital, the car park starting point for a variety of walks: Powlett Tent Town, the Pioneer Mines track, the Cinder Track and Campbell Street Bush and the Haulage Line, with entrance to Baxter Wetlands from two of the walks.

Powlett Coalfield Tent Town is our latest addition to the green belt around Wonthaggi, a chance to relish the history and biodiversity of the area.

To see more on the evolution of the project, click here


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