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Weather Forecast

Iuk Eel Season [Mar]

Hot winds cease and temperatures cool.  Iuk (eels) are fat and ready to harvest.

Binap (Manna Gum) is flowering.

Days and nights are of equal length.

Lo-An Tuka, the Hunter, is the star Canopus, seen almost due south at sunset.

Seven Seasons of the Kulin People

Artist - Karina H McInnes
Source - Museum Victoria

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Cape Paterson Orchids

Many species of orchids are found in our Foreshore Reserve, although most are quite small and so can be difficult to locate. Some of these species are described below, so why don't you try to find them during their flowering season?


Pink Fairies

Caladenia latifolia

Spring flowering orchid with a single soft hairy leaf.

Size up to 40cm with up to 4 pink flowers.


Cinnamon Bells

Gastrodia sesamoides

Spring-summer flowering orchids with no leaf.

Size up to 50cm with a bent tip and up to 20 fawn bell-shaped flowers edged in white.


Donkey Orchid

Diuris orientis

Spring flowering orchid that leaves a grassy clump.

Size up to 45cm with 1 to 8 yellow flowers, sometimes splotched with maroon.



Pyrorchis nigricans

Spring flowering with a thick heart-shaped leaf.

Size up to 25cm with 2 to 10 red-striped flowers.

Goes black when flower dies but tuber remains alive.


Small Helmet-Orchid

Corybas unguiculatus

Winter flowering with single heart-shaped leaf on the ground.

Size less than 15cm witha single deep maroon helmet- shaped, downward facing flower.


Tall Leek-Orchid

Prasophyllum elatum

Spring flowering with long green “leek-like” leaves.

Size up to 150cm with up to 60 pale green flowers with yellow, brown or black markings, and a white frill.


Orchid line drawings by Terri Gitsham Allen



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