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Proposed Upgrade and Special Charge Scheme - Update #4

cp100Council has notified the CPRRA of the revised version of the Special Levy scheme to be voted on at the Council meeting on 19-Feb-2014.

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6 February 2014
Mr J Coulter
Cape Paterson Residents and Ratepayers Association
195 Old Boiler Road
Cape Paterson Vic 3995

Dear John

Cape Paterson Road and Drainage upgrade

As you may be aware, Council officers have been working to develop a proposed design based on feedback from the community during and subsequent to community information sessions that were held last year.

Council have now finalised the proposed design for the upgrade project. The overall project is now estimated to $7.1 million of which Council would be contributing$1.5 million towards the project. Property owners that are considered to receive a direct benefit from the works are being asked to contribute the remaining $5.6 million, through the proposed special charge scheme.
Letters have been sent to those property owners advising of some of the further changes to the final design. The contents of these letters are as follows.

Seaward Drive

The proposed road width for Seaward Drive will be reduced to 6.7 metres wide which is consistent with other streets being constructed in the estate. In addition, there is a requirement for the Ecovillage to contribute to the cost of upgrading and sealing Seaward Drive. This has resulted in the costs attributed to properties abutting Seaward Drive to be substantially reduced. Property owners in Seaward Drive are now only contributing towards the works relating to the construction of kerb and channel, traffic control devices (speed humps or slow points), landscaping and nature strip works.
Cape Paterson Road & Surf Beach Road

Based on the majority of comments, it was considered that the current parking arrangements are adequate and accordingly, the proposed parking bays have been removed from the project.

Additional drainage has however, been included. Property owners are now only contributing to the works relating to the construction of kerb and channel and underground drainage along the edge of the existing road pavement, landscaping and nature strip works. Some properties, previously not contributing to the drainage, have now been included because the additional drainage provides a benefit.

Anchor Parade

As a result of further investigations, it was noted that part of Anchor Parade did not have the benefit of property drainage. The drainage design now includes these properties in the project. As a result, the cost to these properties has increased to include an amount for extra property drainage.

Cassia Street – west side only

Further research by council officers has revealed that properties on the western side of Cassia Street were included in a property drainage scheme in the late 1970s. This means that these properties have previously paid for the benefit of improved property drainage and, as such, will not be liable for any costs related to property drainage for this project. The estimated costs to these properties have been adjusted accordingly.

Park Parade Road

Following investigations into the potential use of Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) for the project, Council officers have considered the installation of WSUD adjacent to the Park Parade Road reserve. This includes the installation of rain gardens and a grass swale. As Council is paying for the full cost, this will not increase the cost to any property owner. Cassia Street
As with Park Parade Road, Council officers have considered Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) adjacent to the Cassia Street drainage reserve. This includes a shallow grass swale and will allow water to flow into the reserve. As Council is paying for the full cost, this will not increase the cost to any property owner.


Many people are asking us about the associated drainage costs in the project. Most of the properties within the project area have already paid for drainage to their property by way of a previous special charge. These properties are considered to have already paid for, and have the benefit of, property drainage. In these cases, any costs for modifying the existing drainage are to be paid for by Council.

There are areas in Cassia Street, Heath Street, Birt Street and part of Anchor Parade that have not been part of a past drainage scheme and do not have existing drainage infrastructure. As a result, these properties are being asked to contribute towards the costs of drainage.

Other changes

Council has requested that charcoal coloured kerb and channel be used to improve the aesthetics of the streetscape. This was seen as important to a lot of people who gave us feedback. This means an increase in costs to property owners.
A concrete footpath will be constructed along Anchor Parade between Park Parade Road and Nardoo Street. This will provide a pedestrian link between the park, shops and to existing paths within the estate. The cost for the footpath will be fully paid for by Council.

I expect to present the revised project to the full Council at its meeting in February 2014. I note that the purpose of the meeting is for Council to resolve to start the formal process for the declaration of the scheme.

The final design, I think, is a good outcome and has used the combined input from the community, councillors, emergency services and your own community group. A copy of the overall plans will be available on Council's website shortly. I will forward you a copy of the plans once they are available.

I would like to continue to work with your group to provide accurate and up to date information for your members and the community in general. In addition, I would like to meet with your group to discuss some of the works, in particular, the reserve in Cassia Street. The work that we have planned needs to be co-ordinated with your works to ensure a cohesive result that the Cape Paterson community will value.

It's still not known if the upgrade project will proceed. However, once we know the outcome I will contact you to arrange a meeting.

Please feel free to contact me at any time on 1300 BCOAST (226 278) if you would like to meet or discuss any of the changes to the project.

Yours sincerely

Cohen Van der Velde
Infrastructure Projects Manager
Ref: ED14/14565


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