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Proposed Upgrade and Special Charge Scheme - Update #2

cp100Council has notified impacted landowners the they have received "key messages from the community regarding the project" and in consequence "Council officers are now working through changes to the design, cost estimates and apportionment of costs" - report to be presented to Council meeting on 17-Jul-2013.

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Cape Paterson - Road and Drainage Upgrade - Jun-2013

Changes to project following feedback sessions

Community information sessions held during April and May were a valuable way for Council Officers to give and get information from property owners. Council appreciates the time and effort this has taken and thanks all those who participated. There were a number of key messages from the community regarding the project.

Loss of amenity and vegetation removal due to footpaths

Many people told us they like the area the way it is. Their concerns generally related to the existing vegetation and established trees located within the streetscape. They were concerned that the works would result in the removal of most of the vegetation within the road reserve and therefore impact on the natural amenity of the area.

Through the community information sessions Council officers explained that as part of the project it is essential to avoid and minimise vegetation or tree removal, wherever possible. This is because existing vegetation and trees are valued by the community within the streetscape. Further to this, any unnecessary removal of vegetation unnecessarily adds to the total cost of the project. Council officers have, wherever possible, maintained the' existing road alignment to minimise vegetation loss and the impact that the upgrade could have.

The construction of footpaths was seen by many to have the potential to significantly impact on the natural amenity of the streetscape. It was explained that the location of the footpath would be determined on the basis of trying to avoid and minimise vegetation loss, however the footpath could lead to some loss of additional vegetation. The community information sessions determined that the existing trees and vegetation were highly valued by the community, more so than the inclusion of the footpath.

The lack of an existing footpath network throughout the Cape Paterson estate also means that any new footpath may not have a connection to an existing footpath. This was something also raised by property owners who questioned the value of a footpath if there was no connectivity to an existing footpath.

Given the issues that were expressed by property owners regarding the loss of vegetation, the impact of the footpath and the lack of connectivity for the proposed footpath infrastructure, Council has considered the removal of footpaths from the proposal.

However, a footpath link will be provided along Anchor Parade from Nardoo Street to the park in Park Parade Road as part of the proposed works. The proposed footpath will connect to the existing footpath network in other parts of Cape Paterson.

Speed humps

There were a number of conflicting opinions about whether speed humps were necessary, where they should be located, the noise they may generate and the impact on the amenity. However, speed humps are considered the most effective way to deter speeding traffic.

Some people did not want them; others did because they did not want vehicles to use their street as a preferred route for through traffic.

Consequently, where practical it is proposed to replace the traditional type speed hump with one lane 'slow points'. Council considers that this treatment, which narrows the road way to one lane. will decrease vehicle speeds as well as offering a further opportunity to improve the amenity of the streetscape. Landscaping, with suitable plant species. around the slow point will help soften the visual impact along
the street.

The effectiveness of this option can be monitored and in the future if vehicle speeds or traffic management becomes an issue for property owners, a speed hump could be installed at the slow point location at a later time.

Due to current development and possible future development adjacent to Seaward Drive, property owners in Seaward Drive tended to opt for the inclusion of speed humps to manage speeding traffic as they felt there are already issues with peeding vehicles. At this stage. it is proposed to retain the use of speed humps on Seaward Drive,

Width of Seaward Drive

There was much debate over the proposed upgrade of Seaward Drive, particularly the proposed road width. Due to the potential for future development to the west and north of the area. Council proposed a construction standard that would take into account the impact of future development in the area.

Accordingly, a proposed width of I I metres was adopted. This allowed for the future change of Seaward Drive to a higher road classification as a result of future development. This proposed road width included a 2;5 metre parking lane on both sides of the road wit;) a 'two way traffic' through road width of 6 metres.

Most people considered the proposed width of Seaward Drive to be excessive and did not see a need for parking along the street and that any upgrade to infrastructure should be done at the time of the future development.

Following the information sessions it was determined that the road width could be reduced and any works that occur due to development and the need to increase the classification of the road be borne as part of any current or future development. Accordingly, the proposed road width for Seaward Drive will be reduced to 6.7 metres wide. In accordance with the planning conditions for the EcoViliage development. there is a requirement for this development to contribute to the cost of upgrading and sealing Seaward Drive.

Residential property owners adjacent to Seaward Drive will also receive a significant reduction in their estimated apportion of costs as the works to the pavement are to be borne by the development and the level of infrastructure is also reduced.

Proposed parking areas on Cape Paterson Road and Surf Beach Road

The provision of indented parking bays along some areas of Cape Paterson Road and Surf Beach Road was included in the proposal. From feedback received, most people with properties adjacent to these areas said that the current parking arrangement was adequate and the parking bays were not needed. Some property owners thought that the widening of the road would affect the overall appearance of the street.

It is proposed to remove these parking bays from the project. However, the kerb and channel and underground drainage along the edge of the existing road pavement is still included as part of the proposal.




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