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Proposed Upgrade and Special Charge Scheme - Update

cp100On 8-May-2013, the CPRRA wrote to Council posing four questions regarding this matter.

Council has now responded in length to each of the questions.

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1. Costs to ratepayers

Question:  The costs to ratepayers, especially elderly permanent residents and pensioners and their inability to pay up to $40,000, even over an extended time period.  

Answer:  Council acknowledges that the cost imposition of a special charge can be a cost burden for those who are required to contribute to such projects, notwithstanding the proposed works provide a benefit to residents and property owners.

Should the scheme proceed, those included will not have to pay anything until after works commence. If the scheme should proceed, and given the scheme process can take considerable time, property owners will not be required to pay a special charge for some time. At this stage a commencement for works would be unlikely to occur within the next 18 months.

By engaging with the community early we hope that property owners included within the proposed scheme have been provided with ample forewarning that a charge may be imposed on their property in the near future, and have sufficient time to arrange their finances. In addition to this Council must provide payment options to those included within a scheme, to help ease the burden of the cost imposition.  

Further to this, there may be some property owners included within the proposed scheme that satisfy certain criteria which may make them eligible for further payment arrangements through Council's Debt Management Policy. I would ask you to encourage those you represent who are on a fixed income to speak with Council's Finance Team to ensure they are not unduly exposed to financial hardship from the proposed scheme, without understanding the options that are available to them. Diana Bannister is Council's Project Officer for financial hardship and can be contacted Monday to Wednesday on 1300 BC OAST (226 278).

2. Proposed road widths

QuestionThe proposed increased widths of some of the roads (up to 11m) and the effect on nature strip biodiversity, pedestrian and cyclist safety.

Answer:  Council has adopted standards for infrastructure within an urban area. These same infrastructure standards determine road widths along with other standards. These standards are consistent with what is expected within an urban street. Council appreciates the increased standard for the proposed road width of Seaward Drive to cater for likely increases in through traffic due to adjacent development and to cater for on-street parking, is an issue for those residents living on Seaward Drive.

Council will be considering this as part of the proposal before making a decision on whether to proceed with the scheme.

3. Alternative staged models

QuestionThe lack of alternative staged models eg: dealing with the problem areas rather than the whole township.   

Answer:  Council's current position is to undertake special charge schemes on an area basis, whereby a whole area can have improved infrastructure. As you would appreciate a significant amount of work goes into these projects in the investigation, planning and conceptual design development.

To undertake such schemes on a street-by-street basis, or other staged approaches can prove to be less cost effective. This is why Council undertakes these types of projects on a whole-of-area basis to ensure any scheme is as affordable as possible for those included.

4. Alternative drainage models and environmental impacts

QuestionThe lack of discussion of “environmental best practice” for alternative models of drainage, e.g.: swale drains and permeable footpaths and only using concrete footpaths in high traffic areas rather than on every street. This may also result in a reduction in the costs to ratepayers and council and provide a superior environmental outcome and reduced GHG footprint.

The lack of discussion of the environmental consequences of such a large increase in hard surface area from footpath and roads or mention of where the storm water will go.

Answer:  Council has an existing Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP) which determines the environmental consequences of residential development and the existing residential land use. The SWMP includes the Cape Paterson area.

The SWMP has assessed the impacts to natural ecosystems due to a road and drainage upgrade in the area. This assessment has determined the risk to receiving waterways is low and the need to implement extensive stormwater treatment systems would provide little value compared to the costs to implement such systems. Stormwater treatment options could be included into the proposal, however, this will increase costs to property owners within the scheme wjth insignificant overall environmental benefits.

As you would be aware, most of the area included within the special charge scheme already has underground stormwater drainage. All additional drainage in unserviced areas has been designed to minimise the environmental impacts of additional stormwater runoff.

The impacts of additional runoff from an increased impervious area - from both a quantity and quality of runoff perspective - are considered in the development of a concept proposal such as the proposal presented to Cape Paterson property owners and residents.

If you have any further concerns or questions please do not hesitate to contact Council's Infrastructure Projects Manager, Mr Cohen Van der Velde on 1300 BC OAST (226 278).



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